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RiffWare LLC began in early 2005 as a provider of productivity-based mobile phone services and applications.  During this time it developed a propriety framework for building and deploying mobile applications that allows rapid development and eliminates traditional porting issues. Due to the framework's flexibility and power, RiffWare successfully completed several projects for larger external clients and spoke at conferences about improving efficiency in mobile development.

In the last year, RiffWare has deployed 2 internally developed applications, Miles to Go & Guitar Tuner,on several US carriers including the nation's largest carrier, Verizon Wireless. These applications represent the beginning of a long line of compelling, novel 'Life Management' applications that are in development now and have been approved for deployment in the year ahead.

Rob Witman, CEO     

Rob Witman continues to meld his multifaceted technological interests with business intuition as founder and CEO of RiffWare. In the last 4 years, RiffWare has grown from a few lines of code and an idea, to a leading mobile application developer. Created, developed and produced in house, their applications have launched on various wireless service providers including the nation's largest carrier, Verizon Wireless. With RiffWare's first application, Guitar Tuner, in the 'Best Sellers' category and 5 new applications already approved for the coming year, RiffWare is poised to emerge from 'small company' status to 'major player,' all without taking outside capital.

Before venturing out with RiffWare, Rob worked for Evolution Robotics as a Sr. Robotics Engineer. Having joined the company as the first full-time employee, Rob had many opportunities to provide critical design influence and leadership on a variety of projects. A consummate team player, Rob led the design of numerous electrical subsystems, including personally developing from end-to-end the Robot Control Module and Northstar positioning system.

Theodore Witkamp, CTO
Theodore recently served as a Software Engineer with Evolution Robotics. While at Evolution, Theodore oversaw the porting of the Visual Pattern and Recognition algorithm to the mobile environment.  During that time Theodore gained extensive experience with the mobile phone industry, working on both J2ME and BREW. 

Theodore also gained first hand knowledge of the inner workings of the mobile field through trips to Qualcomm headquarters in Tokyo Japan and SK Telecom in Seoul Korea where he worked 1 on 1 with cell phone manufactures and carriers.  Theodore holds a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science from Purdue University.

Jeffrey Baitis, Sr. Application Architect
Jeffrey recently served as a Field Application Engineer at Evolution Robotics where he was responsible for interfacing on a technical level with potential customers as well as demonstrating the LaneHawk technology in the US and Europe at various trade shows and events.

Prior to his Application Engineer role, Jeffrey worked as an Embedded Engineer where he was responsible for the firmware for several large embedded projects, including the ER1 wireless controller and the embedded vSLAM system.  Jeffrey holds a Bachelors Degree in Computer Engineering from Oregon State University.

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