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Do Not Disturb
Frequently Asked Questions

Current version 1.5.2
(you MUST have BlackBerry® firmware 4.7 or greater)

Handmark Pocket Express - Support

BlackBerry® App World

How do I upgrade the application to the latest version?

  1. Ensure that your device has the latest firmware
  2. Start BB App World
  3. Choose the bottom right option, 'My World'
  4. The My World screen should show you a list of applications that you have downloaded using App World
  5. Select Do Not Disturb from the list (it should indicate that an upgrade is available)
  6. Click on Do Not Disturb and the product page will load
  7. Select the option labeled 'Download Trial' - this should say 'Download update', but appears to be a bug with App World
  8. After downloading, you will be asked to install the new version over the old version, say YES
  9. Restart the phone when prompted

I changed phones, how do I reinstall the app without paying for it again?

Quick Summary

  1. Delete the app if you already installed it
  2. Restart your phone
  3. Install App World
  4. Go to 'My World'
  5. Log in with your PayPal credentials
  6. Choose Do Not Disturb from the list
  7. Install the application
  8. Update the application

Full Summary

You must download and log in to App World again BEFORE trying to install DND on your new phone.  If you do not do this, your license will not be properly transfered.

In App World, go to the bottom right icon on the main App World screen, it should be called 'My World'.  Choose this option and you should see a blank screen.  Choose 'Log In' from the popup menu that is displayed when you press the BB button.  Put in your Paypal credentials.  After a couple seconds, a list will be created that shows all of the applications you have downloaded previously.  

Choose DND from that list, click on it and you will be taken to the page.  Choose Download / install and you should be good to go.  

Note: You may need to download it twice as App World installs the original version you had, so if that wasn't the latest, you will need to go back into the My World place, choose DND again and this time select 'Download Trial' to get the update.  It should say 'Download Update' but that is an App World quirk...

I downloaded the trial and it worked, but when I bought the app, it stopped working

Make sure you have the latest version of the application, 1.2.4 or greater.

There was a major bug that was fixed that caused some people's applications to stop working after a while, or immediately after upgrading from the trial. The fix was incorporated in version 1.2.4.

When I try to add a phone number to my block list from the Call Log, nothing happens

Do Not Disturb v 1.2.x introduced several new features. One of them is the ability to add phone numbers directly from your call log to the DND Block List. Certain versions of the BlackBerry firmware do not return the proper information when the Call Log is queried. We have found the following versions to have issues:

  • 4.3.0
  • 4.7.0

Please let us know if your phone has a different firmware version but is still not able to add the phone number from the Call Log.

There is a brief ring before the call is sent to voicemail

This is a technical limitation of the BlackBerry call handling system and is dependent on your firmware and device.

We are working with RIM to include a more robust solution in future firmware releases that would allow us the chance to handle the call BEFORE the ringer started. Keep watching out for future updates!

No calls are being blocked, even though they should be!

There could be several issues resulting in the application not blocking incoming calls when it should:

  • You are running the Trial version and you have run out of free blocks.
  • Your license was not successfully installed by App world.
  • You have not properly set the permissions that allow the app to end calls.

To Purchase the app:

Follow the link that is provided when you first enter the application and it prompts you to purchase the app. Alternatively, you can direct your browser here: App World

To Reinstall your license:

Go into the App World program and select the icon in the lower right, My World. You should see a list of all of the applications you have downloaded.

Hold down the ALT key and type 'r', 's', 't'

Storm users hold the num-lock ("!?123") button so it locks and then hit '3', '4', '('

This will close the App World application. Reopen the application and go back to My World, your list should be empty. Now choose 'Log in' from the options that are presented when you press the BlackBerry® button. Your list will be filled out again and information about each application updated. You may need to reinstall the application as well.

To Reset your Permissions:

Go to: Options -> Advanced Options -> Applications

Highlight Do Not Disturb and choose 'Edit Permissions' from the menu

Under the 'Interactions' heading, make sure 'Input Simulation' or 'Key Injection' is set to Allow

Note: Depending on your firmware, the menus / names may vary slightly.

What changes have been made in each version?

We are continually working to make Do Not Disturb a better product. Sometimes that means new features are added, sometimes that means bugs are fixed. Below you can see the progress of our latest changes to the code base.

  • 1.5.2 - New Features - added full hangup (no voicemail), editable SMS text, 'trusted' list
  • 1.2.4 - Bug fix - major - App World Try and Buy users, DND would quit blocking after 5 blocked calls regardless of purchase or not. BB CodeModule class was not returning the expected value
  • 1.2.3 - Enhancement - added more automatically filled in data to the feedback form to aid in customer support
  • 1.2.2 - Bug fix - minor - fixed target email addresses in the feedback form
  • 1.2.1 - New Feature - numbers can be added to the block list from native Call Log and Address book
  • 1.1.4 - Bug fix - major - resolved purchase problem for Try and Buy users
  • 1.1.3 - Enhancement - feedback form added to the options menu to improve customer support
  • 1.1.1 - Initial Try & Buy release
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