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RiffWare brings you a proven software framework and an experienced team, ensuring that your application is developed quickly and professionally

has developed the BREW Supplemental Framework (BSF), a proprietary, patent pending software architecture for rapid deployment of mobile applications on the BREW environment. The BSF facilitates leveraging your existing content on the increasingly lucrative mobile phone market with minimal effort from your company. RiffWare’s experience and technology ensures that your company can reach this new market with an industry leading application.

Hundreds of millions of low cost, CDMA phones are deployed around the world today. The majority of these phones make use of Qualcomm’s integrated runtime environment called BREW for Binary Run-time Environment for Wireless. This environment facilitates simple distribution and billing of premium client applications through the phone, eliminating the need for external connections or user credit cards, etc. This single-click billing and downloading solution provides the developer the opportunity to focus on ensuring quality applications and extensions of services rather than billing reconciliation.

While the integrated billing and deployment system provided by BREW are outstanding for developers, the phones themselves are littered with inconsistencies and varying API support. This leads to numerous development challenges when working within the BREW environment. To insulate these inconsistencies and improve on code portability, RiffWare has developed the BREW Supplemental Framework, or BSF. This code architecture ensures rapid, platform-independent code development. By leveraging the BSF, RiffWare can eliminate the need for your company to stay abreast of numerous handset issues and instead focus on the design and flow of the application. The result is a completely effortless development process from our partner companies and a high quality platform independent application, ready for deployment around the world.

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